Our mission is to inspire a generation into becoming agents of faith by helping those less privileged, to overcome life challenges of Poverty, Illiteracy and Disease as they grow to appreciate the fullness of God.

Humura childcare ministries started in 2015 when a group of friends met with a head teacher of a primary school in Mbarara district (Nkokonjeru primary school). She told this group of some children who couldn’t attend school because their parents couldn’t afford to pay a termly fee of Ugx.30,000/- approximately ($10). This group was shocked because Ugx.30,000/- was the average cost of a meal at a restaurant in Kampala. By saving 30,000 each month of their earnings, they could help keep some children in school. They shared this with a more of their friends and they decided to travel to Mbarara to figure out the exact need of this community.


Join us as we carry out school visits and make a difference!
Lweru Community School in Buikwe
New project alert! We’re coming to Lweru Community School in Buikwe on 21st March


In addition to our ongoing impact in the United States as a California-based